04 December 2018

Consulting a Book

The following is almost entirely stolen from James Young. I added the bit about INT MODs and slightly simplified the result table.


  • Player characters start hauling a library around in a cart.
  • You know what to do when players want to do research.
  • You know what to do when players try to read a book and you have to make something up.
  • Intelligence is now a more interesting Attribute.


How many books do you have and how long will you spend researching your question?
Number of relevant books consulted + hours spentDice rolled on table below
11d4 + INT MOD
21d6 + INT MOD
41d8 + INT MOD
61d10 + INT MOD
Roll on the following table before asking a question you believe might be answerable by the book(s) you're consulting.
3One word
4One word and roll again
5Three words
6Three words and roll again
7Full sentence
8Full sentence and roll again
9Detailed explanation
10+Detailed explanation and roll again
Note: the Referee will say "your question isn't relevant to the text of this book" if you've simply wasted your time.


  1. Is there a limit to how many roll-agains can happen? Or the time spent per book? A d20 list of "irrelevant information you learned instead" would be a wonderful addition

    1. No limits, but some information isn't in any given book, of course.

      I like your addition. Write it so I can add it!


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