11 December 2018

Retrieving Items from Inventory

UPDATE: rule greatly improved due to the comment below!

Another simple rule that probably hardly seems worth posting about, but I really like it, and it's my own.


To retrieve an item from your inventory in combat, roll 1d4. If you roll a 1, you've found it. Otherwise, you've wasted your combat round. If you want to look again, you find what you're looking for if you roll a 1 or a 2. Chances increase to 3 in 4 on the third attempt and on the fourth attempt, you find it immediately.

Outside of combat you may place an asterisk next to one item which you can place in a handy spot; you will find it without making a roll, though you will still spend a combat round to retrieve it.


  1. I might adjust this slightly - each round, increase the chance to find by 1. So taking four rounds to utterly tear through your stuff, you'll be able to find your caltrops or stone of mist or whatever, but you'll lose 4 rounds of combat AND your backpack's had all its stuff dumped out on the floor.

  2. I've gone with something that I think got from Logan Knight. My inventory is numbered on the character sheet, which helps because you can mark the point where you are now encumbered. Roll a d20 and you can instantly grab anything below that number. This encourages players to think about how the "pack" their inventory, with more important items placed first.

    1. I use that in my main campaign and love it.

  3. My approach to this sort of thing for D&D-alikes is to call for a dex check.


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