24 December 2018

Sci-Fantasy Extraterrestrial Race - Secret Santicorn for wr3cking8a11

The entire race was struck by poverty, once. For this reason, etiquette is often built around the idea of hiding whatever luxuries exist in one's life, even if most people share in those luxuries.

Race name

The aliens call themselves planet-ers, in their own language.
The word for "planet":
  1. Scrin
  2. Hird
  3. Plett
  4. Plor
  5. Sand
  6. Lith
The suffix for "er":
  1. -nat
  2. -ar
  3. -ho
  4. -che
  5. -anan
  6. -ip


  1. Blood alongside a door marks that a child has recently moved out of the house or died.
  2. Reverence is shown to a guillotine symbol, but no actual guillotines seem to exist.
  3. Wiping sweat from the brow is the standard ranged greeting (like waving.)
  4. Emptying one's pockets in front of someone else is a (usually offensive) sexual gesture.
  5. Inhaling a deceased loved one's ashes in full is considered proper. Inhaling incompletely or not at all is frowned upon. (Contributed by wr3cking8a11.)
  6. There's an insanely popular canon of plays that were almost a hundred hours of performance time in total. People frequently communicate using only lines from these performances. (Contributed by Spwack.)


  1. Children are raised by the parents until the parents have something better to do. Then the children are raised by whoever has been assigned to nursery work.
  2. Maintaining or safekeeping ancient Tech is the most vital task one may aspire to.
  3. You are expected to grow a bonsai tree trimmed in exactly the same ways as everyone else's. If the shape is improper or if the plant looks unhealthy, neighbors will involve local authorities.
  4. When asked "How are you?" the polite response is "starving, but we'll be fine" or anything similar, regardless of the availability of food.
  5. Wearing clothing with a noticeably different color than the clothing worn on the previous day is a show of luxury and therefore a rude act of hedonism. It brings attention to the fact that the wearer is not wearing the same clothing two days in a row. To avoid this appearance, one must slowly transition to other colors or never transition at all. It's perfectly acceptable to have hundreds of outfits so long as three different colors aren't seen in the same week.
  6. Adults don't wear pants because kids wear them. Adults wear shorts, skirts, dresses, etc.
  7. No one has pockets. Wearing backpacks is weak and suggests deviant sexuality in the stronger sex. Carrying things in a bag is the norm.
  8. Speaking kindly of the dead makes elderly people very upset. They make religious signs in response and huff or sigh or swear.
  9. Working on an even day of the week is taboo. "Working" refers to minor labors like lifting objects from the ground, not real work like cooking or farming.
  10. The elderly act as if they are unwise in order to boost the confidence of the young.
  11. A tip is expected for service before service is rendered. The tip amount seems to have no effect on the quality of the service.
  12. Applause is rendered by way of a single clap in unison. Nearly everyone seems to know the right moment to clap, though a few claps lag behind in larger groups.
  13. Guests are always offered a bath just after arrival. A "bath" is a wet towel and a bar of soap prepared for you in a private room.
  14. Anything that might be personal, private, or valuable is handled by non-owners delicately with two hands and closely examined with false awe.
  15. Different colors of flat objects (traditionally flowers or leaves but paper or cloth may be used) may be left at a person's place of residence (with a signature marking) or handed to them to communicate basic messages interpreted by context.
    Add blood to any of the following to make the communication very serious/demanding/threatening. (Roll once and read across or roll twice until all colors are assigned.)
    1 ApologyYellow
    2 RequestWhite
    3 GratitudeBlue
    4 OfferGreen
    5 ChallengeRed
    6 InvitationBlack
  16. They treat all juices as delicacies and drink them socially. Juices are highly concentrated and sipped slowly over a one or two-hour conversation.
  17. Drinking milk is as offensive as forgetting to cover yourself.
  18. Used to offer virgins to the god of Cracks, Fissures, and Pits but now everyone regards this as barbaric and dumps undesired food in such places instead.
  19. Unlucky number only referred to by euphemisms: roll 1d10.
  20. Chewing food whilst in the streets is a symbol of prosperity and good health.


  1. Those born in space have lesser intelligence and are likely to be physically weak.
  2. Nut butters enhance the following, but only for this race
    1. thinking
    2. strength
    3. speed
    4. pheromones
    5. subtle urges sent by the dead and other spirits
    6. lie detection
  3. When anyone burps or farts, it's polite to say "wash your hands" but the young say "curses off" to make the saying more relatable to the younger generation who don't believe in the old "Hygiene"superstitions.
  4. [I need more. Please submit more ideas in the comments.]

Skin colors

  1. pale gray
  2. light gray
  3. medium gray
  4. dark gray
  5. black
  6. no light is reflected at all
The young have a blueish tint. Those in puberty often have blue spots. The elderly often have raised blue spots, like moles.

Mirror race

There are creatures living beneath the settlements.
They're referred to only with phrases like "our miserable cousins."
A watch is kept near the local passage to the underground, built by this race, long ago. The underground is a ruined city, never really used by the mirror race. They respected their deviant, nearly-mindless brethren enough to build a place for them, but public sentiment favors their destruction now, if a way is found.
  • They cannot survive in sunlight.
  • They act stupidly, but always in tandem, for they share what appears to be a simple hive mind. This means they will attempt to surround and flank but won't use complicated tactics.
  • Number appearing: d20. Unless they are all killed by the end of round x (roll 1d4), d20+3 more will appear from the d10x40 that are nearby.
  • AC [12]
  • Move 12
  • HD 0 (1 HP)
  • Morale 12
  • Attack: Claws or bite 1d6. (I'm assuming that all attacks do 1d6 damage as in OD&D.)


  • Only two people can fit in a 10x10' space.
  • Only one boilermail* can fit in a 10x10' space.
  • Every passage is very narrow but connected to many other passages like a maze with few dead ends.
  • If you use a published dungeon, each square is now 5' per square except when only one square wide (those are still 10'.)

Encounter table for expeditions underground:

  1. One of them has d6+1hp.
  2. One of them has 3HP.
  3. One of them does d6+1 damage.
  4. One them does 3 damage instead of d6 damage.
  5. Half of them are behind you and half are in front.
  6. One of them makes a stealth attack against whoever is in back at the start of the encounter.




  1. Tradition number 6 is scarily close to my actual life sometimes.

    1. I greatly enjoy the idea of being able to communicate that way but am so disconnected from any specific set of cultural memories that I can't ever do it with anyone.

  2. More beliefs:
    - Caves are the ideal place to commune with God/spirits/the ancestors.
    - If you pick fruit from a tree, thank it, or its spirit will bring down bad luck on you.
    - Round buildings are unlucky.
    - Never make eye contact with animals.


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