15 January 2020


I've been using Knave whenever I want to run a published adventure as a one-shot or a short campaign with newbies. It's been nice for that, and I haven't found anything better for that. However, I always house-rule a bunch of it and have to convert a few things to make it work. Additionally, there a few things I just don't prefer about it. It's good at what it does.

I wrote a system to replace Knave for my use.

After printing, you'll have 3 very short books: a player book, a referee book, and a spell book.

  • B/X compatibility. Run modules/adventures without any conversion at all.
  • Transition the characters and game world to B/X rules with little effort.
  • Minimal rules barrier. Quick, smooth play for players who have not experienced an RPG before. No modifiers. 
  • Slot system for inventory.
  • Some useful tables.
  • Dungeon and wilderness creation procedures.
  • Referee advice.
  • No cleric, no thief. (It's easy to add them back in, of course.)
How to use this book
  1. The referee should read everything.
  2. The referee may create a campaign world, a hex map, and a dungeon to start a campaign, or just use a dungeon for a one-shot. The referee can use any B/X-compatible products in lieu of creating any of the above.
  3. The players should read the character creation page of the player book. They can reference the rest of the player book if they need to.
You can download it here.


  1. Thanks Michael, this seems really useful for introducing players to Basic. I also really like slot-based encumbrance and so that's a house rule I would have included anyway.

    1. It works well for me! I'd appreciate whatever feedback you have, especially if you use it!


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