24 January 2020

Mouse Guard-esque hex crawl with a 3 year old

This session report is using my in-progress coin-flip RPG for very young children. It's oldschool-compatible and slightly based on Into the Odd. The content is all from Mausritter. I played with my 3-year-old daughter, Aster.

Holly was camping in a tent, and when she was coming home, she saw some rats carrying all the mice in her village away.

She gritted her teeth and said, "I'm going to fight those bad rats."

She knew about a tower built on top of a stump, a very big tree, and a little hut with smoke coming out of the top like someone might be cooking. She decided to go to the big tree. It was pale white and had transparent leaves.

"Ohhhhhhhhh," She said. Then she noticed the river and it had a log across it. She said, "Like a bridge!"

Then she climbed up the tree and saw a cave and some more big trees. She decided to go to the hut that had smoke coming from it.

She knocked on the door. A rat yelled, grumpily "Who are you and what do you want?"

She said "I am not Aster really anymore, but I am Holly."

He opened the door. He was big, angry rat.

Aster said to me "I hold my sword and kill him."

The rat huskily said, "Hello. Why are you pointing your sword at me? What do you want?"

She said "Rats tooked all my friends and you tooked all my friends." Then she giggled quite a lot.

The rat said, "That must be some other rats from across the river. I did not take anyone. There's a village for mice across the river. You might ask them for help." (There's a smuggler hideout in his basement. He totally knows about the kidnapping and was involved but only indirectly.)

She crossed the river (there were stones that made it possible to do so here.) This village was much larger than hers and there were children playing outside. She got completely sidetracked teaching all the children there how to do forward rolls. Every time a kid asked Holly to explain how to do it, Aster just said "You do it like this" and did a real one for me and then said "That's how to do it."

Eventually, a father from the village approached and thanked her for teaching the other children and asked her where she came from.

"I'm not really Holly. I'm just Aster but I'm pretending to be Holly," she said.

"Where did you come from? I've never seen you here before," he asked.

"I'm from the other place."

"Oh, why did you leave?"

"I need to rescue my friends back from that rats that they was taken away."

He gasped and commiserated. They discussed possible places rats might be.


  1. I really like the simple mechanics for this. It captures the core tabletop spirit without being too complex for the young 'uns.

    1. Thanks! I'm about to post the rules doc.

    2. And here it is: https://buildingsarepeople.blogspot.com/2020/01/d-for-preschoolers.html


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