29 November 2018

Creating a Terse Key (and more) for Caverns of Thracia

We started a group project with the intent of looking back at the classic Judge's Guild module Caverns of Thracia and rewriting it with terse evocative language and formatting to make it more practical for the table.


We've already contacted Jennell Jacquays who suggested contacting Judge's Guild. We’re contacting Judge’s Guild to find out if there’s any possibility of making this an official release, but for now, please do your best to keep it legal and to ensure that it doesn’t function without the Caverns of Thracia book.

  1. We have a style guide and would appreciate your help with
  2. Writing out rooms
  3. Writing out overviews for sections of the dungeon a la Stonehell
  4. Writing faction summaries and other reference appendices
  5. Correcting/understanding the weird bits.
  6. See the document for more information.

We're working on it in a Google Doc. Please leave a comment there requesting permission if you'd like to edit. You can leave comments in the doc, even without permission.

You can chat with us about it in the OSR Discord.

And of course I'll be reading your comments here.

Sample of the Key

Bold text is immediately observed. Normal text is easily observed. Italicized text requires examination/experimentation/etc.


  1. Any news on this neat project? I'm interested in running the Caverns soon but I heard formatting makes reading the module a real chore.

    1. It's progressed far enough that I use it in my game, but there are still rooms left to key.

  2. I liked this when I saw it on OD&D74. Good stuff!


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