13 February 2020

Caverns of Thracia session log: February 2, 2019

System: B/BX.
Players: Niku and Loretta (Les and Myrtle) and Emily (Bagira.)
If you're playing in my game, please do not read the following. You may request spoiler-free notes from me if you like.
  • The methane smell returned.
  • Myrtle sniffed the gaping mouth-hole of the demon-statue they'd stolen the eyes from. It smelled more strongly of methane than the rest of the room.
  • She placed her torch in the mouth of the statue, which burned the rest of it up quickly.
  • She climbed through the hole above to 27a, noting the grate-like holes in the ceiling. Bagira joined her. Les and Florius (a hireling) stayed behind.
  • Both walked south to explore this cavernous room, setting off a trap which raised the demonic statue slowly upward, aflame. They smelled a horrid rotting meat smell.
  • Bagira went to the edge of the floor to an abyss. It crumbled beneath her feet and she fell to her death. Emily took control of Florius.
  • Just as Myrtle was preparing to jump over the abyss at the narrowest point, some silent human slaves ran into the room, looking terrified of something, panicking at the sight of Myrtle as well. She ignored them.
  • Florius and Les clambered up the statue after it finally stopped flaming and lowered again. They exchanged information and she prepared to jump the gap again, but some gnolls came into the room , chasing after the slaves.
  • Florius and Les decided to continue their attempts to ally with gnolls by grabbing slave legs to pin them down while Myrtle looked on sadly. Then the gnolls took cruel swings at the slaves, knocking 1 into the abyss.
  • A good reaction roll + their allied behavior + their believable description of interactions with other gnolls + their offer of information about a healing statue (no longer true - it's out of charges) won them some information about a treasure trove that the gnolls know of but don't care about at 41a. The gnoll also promised them information about a powerful weapon the gnolls don't understand in exchange for tribesmen corpses.
  • They went to 39, told the guard the name of the Gnoll who sent them (Ringer) and started digging through trash to find the trapdoor Ringer had described. They tied a rope to the hinges of the door and climbed down into a crawlspace (39a) which led to a very cold room (37) with 2 frozen bodies in it. They determined that one was dead and the other was still alive. They brought her away from the cold and revived her.
  • She spoke a version of Thracian that sounded foreign, so they tried Gnollish, which she understood parts of. She kept speaking in a strange grammar and saying things that didn't quite seem to be communicated. She didn't always understand them either. They gathered that she still thought the surrounding region was called Thracia, indicating that she was at least 1,100 years old. She was worried that the beastmen down below were considering an uprising and she had to prepare against it, but it appears that uprising already had quite an effect on the dungeon.
  • It's about 12:30pm.


  1. Hey, Jojiro here. Haven't seen you on discord or blogosphere for a while, hope that you're doing well in this crazy world we live in. Miss your comments and your various B/X retrofits.

    1. I'm doing okay! Hope you are too. Just started gaming again after an unintentional break.


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