04 February 2020

Caverns of Thracia Session Log Dec 7, 2019

System: my Knave hack.
Players: Emily, John, Erin and Sasha
If you're playing in my game, please do not read the following. You may request spoiler-free notes from me if you like.
  • The party set up an ambush pit in the jungle to lead enemies to.
  • They placed marbles all over the stair at the main entrance.
  • Gnolls jumped out of a tree and ambushed the party. One party member died and the rest fled.
  • They returned and entered the caverns very warily. They kept lights down low and were careful to not disturb bats. (1)
  • They found a dead end to the west. They went east and found a secret door that had been plastered over in a hall. They stepped into a strange magical darkness that didn't allow light to extend very far. At the end of this narrow hall, there was suddenly a wall behind them, entrapping them in a chapel. (9)
  • They became very sleepy and suspected the green candles around the room, so they extinguished them and felt better.
  • They then began examining the cloaked and hooded figures in the room. Each turned to dust, leaving seemingly valuable skull pendants behind except one which was a patient wight which only attacked upon adventurer proximity. I completely forgot that wights aren't hurt by non-magic, non-silver weapons and they killed it unfairly. Sigh. The next minutes would probably have been a very exciting, high-pressure experience, possibly ending in a TPK or in a very satisfying escape or victory. Oh well.
  • The door to the South shouted religious directions about entering to become one with death, so they went through the northern hall instead, discovering a 10' pit in that narrow hall. They maneuvered around it to (10) where wind was blowing.
  • They thought they might have found another way out of the dungeon, which they desperately needed, but after attentively messing with the statue, discovered that its large robe was causing the wind magically. They experimented a bit to see if it was safe to remove the robe and then did so, uncertain. They now have a robe that allows commanding wind.
  • They start trying to find anything of interest in the room, unconvinced that there's nothing here, and start smashing the walls which sound hollow. Each one contains an unarmed undead skeleton with a skull pendant. They make easy work of most of them by stabbing them through holes while the skeletons cannot reach them, though a few walls crumble instead, making for fights that are still fairly one-sided.
  • They happen to to choose the most dangerous skeleton chamber last. It contains 6 armed skeletons in chainmail armed with swords. Opening this final chamber magically caused all of the walls for the other chambers to fall apart. Very lucky.
  • No one is much hurt and the party debates whether or not to mutilate a skeleton and tie it up to convert it into a pack mule. One party member is excited about this and planning it out, another is reluctant to take risks and spend time when they should be finding a way out. The others are somewhat neutral but end up supporting the skeleton-mule idea. It works out, to some degree, but the skeleton mindlessly continue to attempt to attack, bumping into whoever is nearest repeatedly.
  • The party returned to the chapel.

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