06 February 2020

Caverns of Thracia session log: January 9, 2020

System: B/BX.
Players: Emily, John, Erin.
We played as if Sasha's character simply wasn't there.
If you're playing in my game, please do not read the following. You may request spoiler-free notes from me if you like.
  • The party pulled back the curtains covering the wall in the chapel and discovered a section of the wall covered in plaster. They chipped away at the plaster until they discovered a secret door behind it. A key taken from the wight opened it.
  • They proceeded through another narrow hall to (11) to find a disoriented-looking man surrounded by skeletons. A magic-user quickly cast Charm Person on him.
  • They got a bit of Macreus' story. He was placed in stasis for 150 years with the expectation that the death cult would come and get him when it was safe, since they were being hunted by a king. They seemed to have forgotten about him.
  • Macreus checked their hands for cultist markings, found none there, and told them they needed to hurry up and finish their initiations. They told him they had been raised in the death religion just like him but that now you have to work to be confirmed before initiation. Macreus didn't quite buy this at first, but trusted his friend the M-U enough to bemoan the times and take interest in seeking reform.
  • They eventually agreed to initiation, returned to the chapel, and went through the shouting death door. He then led them safely past a crossbow trap into a chamber with floating, glowing green skull who let them each ask a question that it would answer truthfully before scarring their hands with the sign of death. One asked how to kill him (killing his followers would be the nearest thing to doing so) and another asked him what kinds of wishes she could ask for or some other wasteful thing like that. I've forgotten what the third asked.
  • He warned against going further south and led them through the safest way he knew out of this dungeon area, south of the place they had found him (11) to climb down to 14 and then up to 15. Just after they ascended, a large procession of tribesmen approached.

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