30 October 2018

B/X Spells Adapted for a Low-magic GLOG Game

(Image by Evlyn M)

I believe none of these are exactly the same as I found them, but I definitely adapted a few from Lungfungus and Skerples.

I only selected spells that suit my low-magic campaign.

If you feel like remaking the Orthodox Wizard or adding spells to it, this list might be useful.


R: Touch T: Self D: Instant

Teleport up to [dice]x20' in the direction you are facing. If teleporting while moving, check Dex or fall prone.


R: 20' T: [Dice] creatures D: [Sum] turns

A humanoid of equal or lesser level than the caster regards the caster as a trusted friend. Invest 3 [dice] to instead target a monster up to 1 HD greater than the caster's level or 2d6 monsters of fewer HD than the caster's level.
Save to negate effect.


R: Touch T: Creature D: [Sum] turns

A creature obeys one non-violent command, so long as the command is within the scope of the creature's personality. The command may be made of [dice] words.


R: Region of Deity T: A deity you have met D: Instant

Contact a deity you've met and ask [dice] yes/no questions. If [sum] is 10 or greater, you may ask any question using [dice] words.

Comprehend Languages

R: 0 T: Self D: [Dice] turns

Understand any communication. This allows reading ancient languages and interpreting wildlife, but it does not allow speaking any unknown language.

Control Weather

R: 0 T: Self D: [Dice] hours

Command the weather in a general manner, such as summoning powerful wind, covering the sky in clouds, or causing a downpour. Limited by what is appropriate in this location and in this season.

The weather will be horrible in the affected locale [sum] hours after the effect ends.

Cure Light Wounds

R: touch T: creature D: Instant

Target creature heals [sum] HP. It costs 2 HP to remove one negative HP. This spell cannot remove Fatal Wounds, cure diseases, or heal lost limbs.


R: 50' T: 20' radius area D: [Dice] turns

Creates darkness in an area.

Detect Evil

R: 100' T: Objects/creatures. D: [sum] turns

Find malicious or antisocial intent.

Detect Magic

R: 60' T: Objects/creatures D: [Dice] turns

Magical objects/creatures within 60' are known to you.

Detect Poison

R: 50ft T: Person/object D: [Dice] turns.

Detect whether one target has been poisoned or is poisonous.


R: 50' T: Book or scroll. D: Permanent

Erases mundane writing. Erasing magical writing requires an Int check. Up to [dice] magical scrolls or 2*[dice] pages in a book.

False Sound

R: 150 ft T: D: [Dice] rounds

Create any sound (except speech) no louder than a screaming human, originating at a location of your choice.

Feather Fall

R: T: D:
R: 10ft T: [sum] creatures or objects D: [dice]*2 rounds
Target(s) float gently downward at a rate of 25' per round.


R: 200' T: 20' diameter D: Instant

Does [sum] fire damage to all objects within the sphere. Save for half.

Floating Disc

R: Touch T: Point D: [Sum] turns

Additional 10 inventory slots moved alongside caster by floating disc (3' above ground.)


R: 50' T: 30' area D: [Sum] turns

Obscures anything beyond 5' away. Sunlight, wind, or heat dissipate the fog in 1 turn.

Freedom of Movement

R: Touch T:Self D: [dice] turns

Unhindered by magical/nonmagical terrain including water/fluids. Move as if walking/climbing normally.

Gust of Wind

R: 150' T: Direction D: 1 round

Snuffs small flames or increases large flames. [Sum] HD or below creatures must Save or be knocked down.


R: Touch T: Object D: [Dice] turns while motionless + [sum] rounds in motion.
Causes target to become temporarily invisible (but not silent.)


R: 50ft T: [dice] objects D: Instant

Object is opened. Doors are flung wide, locks are broken, shackles are bent open, belts are undone. Treat this as a Strength check made with Str 10 + [dice]x4. If target is an armored creature, Save or armor is undone.

Works on doors locked by wizards (including doors locked by Slam Portal.)

Locate Object

R: 60' + 10'*[Level] T: Object D: 2 turns

[Dice] turns of knowing the direction of the nearest desired object within 60'. Must be something the caster has seen before. Description of the item may be general (example: a guard) or specific (example: the captain of the city guards.)


R: 0 T: creature or object D: Concentration

You will an object to raise, lower, or hover. You cannot move the object horizontally, and you cannot move it more than 10ft per round. Maximum weight is [dice]x250 lbs. Lasts as long as you concentrate, but you take 1d6 psychic damage per round after [dice]x3 rounds.

Purify Food and Water

R: Touch (container is enough) T: [Dice] rations or [sum] drinks D: Instant

Removes poison or causes good food/drink to spoil and become rancid.

Resist Weather

R: Touch T: Creature D: [Sum] turns

Resist intense environmental conditions. This applies to storms, temperature, magic spells, etc. It grants a Boon to related Saving Throws and decreases related damage die results by 1.


R: Unlimited T: Someone you've seen before D: [Dice rounds]

Watch a person as if you are present. Target may Save to notice your floating head.


R: 0 T: 25' area D: Instant

Brittle objects of up to 1lb must Save or shatter within 25' radius.


R: 50' T: Creature or 15' area D: [Sum] turns.

Save or be enveloped by a 15' sphere of silence.

Slam Portal

R: 100ft T: door D: instant

Slams a door shut and locks it (if it has a lock.) Wooden doors will become stuck and require a Strength Check to open.

If you invest 2 or more [dice] the door becomes magically locked for [sum] hours.

If you invest 3 or more [dice], you may magically lock any number of doors in range for [sum] hours.

A Knock spell will open a magically-locked door instantly. Creatures with at least 3 more HD than the caster can noisily open a magically-locked door.


R: 100' T: [Sum] HD noticed living creatures D: 4*[dice] turns

Puts creatures to sleep.

Speak with Dead

R: Touch T: Corpse D: [Dice] real-time minutes

Target will speak and knows what it knew in life, if it wishes. It might lie. It might ramble. It probably doesn't remember how it died.


R: Sight T: Object D: [Dice] turns

Your voice seems to originate from another source visible to you.

Water Breathing

R: Touch T: [Dice] creatures D: [Sum] turns

Duration divided evenly between all creatures touched.


R: 20' T: Room or segment of passage D: [Dice]hours

Fills area with a web which takes [sum]/2 rounds to get through. Flammable.

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