12 July 2018

Table for the Return of a Missing Hot Springs Island Player

Inspired by this.
Some results might only be reasonably used once. Cross them off as they're used. Alter results to fit context if necessary.

1Sleepwalk away. Sleep the entire time.Party member dreams movements guiding back the sleepwalker. Return with a disgusting, bubbly rash covered in the stench of high-proof alcohol.Gain a rumor of elven ruins from dreams.
2(Secretly?) agreed to dumb solo quest with an NPC.Wanders back to party camp, exhausted.Gain information about an NPC. Flip a coin to either gain some minor loot or have failed the quest and upset the NPC.
3Kidnapped by neutral faction member during sleep.Returns near the party.PC gains knowledge and apology/promise to repay debt from the NPC.
4Fear of the other players led to a lot of time alone in the wilderness.Return from the wilderness, maybe a little paranoid, but with newfound confidence. Tracked players to their current location.Improved bushcraft. (Wilderness survival stuff.) However, infected with a disease. http://goblinpunch.blogspot.com/2016/06/the-glog-diseases.html
5Overcome by illness and hallucination.Better now. Don't worry. Totally fine. See, I found you on my own. Ha. Haha. It's okay.Random mutation. See The Metamorphica or https://coinsandscrolls.blogspot.com/2018/01/osr-1d500-biological-mutations.html
6Tried to explore a dungeon alone. Spent the whole time exploring the entrance area.Returns to party camp.Gain knowledge about location of and entrance to a dungeon location.
7Wandered into an unexplored hex and hid from something scary there.Returns, frazzled and injured, to party camp.Learned basic details about the hex and some information about a creature or other hazard. 1/4th HP is lost.
8Captured by Martel Company mercs.Martel Company mercs return to party explaining that they mistook PC for a bounty target. (If there is a bounty, roll again.)Temporary bonus to interactions with Martel Company, including trading with Jeremy Rand.
9Led away by faction member who gave drugs, invoked visions, or some such.Stumbles out of the wilderness making wacky gestures or saying strange things.A little crazy or a little visionary. Choose the first fitting effect on this list. https://coinsandscrolls.blogspot.com/2018/04/osr-1d500-supernatural-mutations.html
10Kidnapped by opposing faction member.Returns to the party.Faction gains knowledge from the NPC in exchange for safe release.

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